What Are the Cons and Pros of Partial and Full Dentures?

What Are the Cons and Pros of Partial and Full Dentures?

July 1, 2022

Dental restoration is crucial to your smile, appearance, and oral health. Dentures are a type of dental appliance that has been used for decades. They restore teeth to improve your ability to eat, speak and smile. Recent technological advances have made dentures more natural-looking than ever. Read on and learn more about partials and full dentures in Houston, TX.

What Are Partial Dentures?

These are dentures that replace a few missing teeth in a row. They are fabricated to fit between natural teeth to fill the gaps created by tooth loss. The dentures have clasps to attach to adjacent teeth on either side of the opening. These dental prosthetics can be adjusted to add other teeth when you suffer tooth loss in the future. They may also be permanently attached to implants.

The dentist on Antoine Drive offers flexible partial dentures. They are more beneficial than traditional partial dentures. These dentures have a softer material that is easier on gums, do not require adhesives, and withstand falls well. In addition, flexible partial dentures give you a more natural smile. Their light pink material allows your gums to show through.

What Are Full Dentures?

Full or complete dentures are prosthetics that replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaws. Individually customized dentures are placed over the gums to imitate natural teeth. They function and appear almost as well as natural teeth. Although not at the same level as natural teeth, they improve speaking, chewing, and eating. Complete dentures help maintain a more youthful look.

Full dentures are held in position through suction and easily removed by the user. They are released for cleaning and when sleeping. You must use special denture toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush to clean them. The dentist also recommends soaking them overnight in a denture solution. It keeps them bacteria-free and in good condition.

What Is the Difference Between Them?

The primary difference between partial and full dentures is the number of teeth they replace. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth and are fit between the remaining teeth. Complete dentures replace entire teeth in the upper or lower jaw. To have full dentures, all unhealthy teeth must be extracted before fitting with the new teeth.

Pros and Cons of Partial and Full Dentures

Partials and full dentures in Houston, TX, are designed to imitate teeth in function and appearance. They have advantages that make them ideal dental restorations and have some drawbacks. First, let us look at a few cons and pros of dentures.

  1. Dentures restore your teeth for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Dentists design them to resemble natural teeth, giving you the confidence to smile.
  2. They keep your facial tissues from sagging, giving you a youthful appearance to compliment your smile.
  3. Dentures help you to eat quickly and speak with clarity.
  4. Getting dentures is minimally invasive since no surgery is involved.
  5. Dentures are still an option even if your jaw or remaining teeth are in bad shape.
  6. These prosthetics are easy to maintain. Using denture toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush will keep dentures plaque and bacteria-free.
  7. They are more affordable than alternative options.


  1. Dentures need to be replaced or repaired from time to time. It is natural for the gums to shrink after tooth loss and the jaw bone to be reabsorbed. Your dentures will need relining or remaking to maintain a comfortable fit when this happens.
  2. Food particles may get under the dentures. They can increase the risk of plaque accumulation around the gum line or abutment teeth. The plaque may lead to gum disease or cavities.
  3. You require denture adhesives to keep the dentures in place. When the glue is not used correctly, your dentures become loose, causing discomfort.

Improve your smile and ability to eat and speak by getting dentures from a dentist near you. At SND Family Dental, we customize partial and complete dentures for a natural-looking smile. In addition, we work with patients to ensure that the dentures fit entirely and securely in the mouth. Contact us for alternative dental restorations such as dental bridges and dental implants.

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