Wisdom Teeth in Central Northwest, Houston TX

Wisdom teeth removals are a standard procedure performed in dentistry that relieves patients of their dental pain and keeps the surrounding teeth healthy. The procedure is only required if the wisdom tooth becomes impacted or is causing pain and other dental issues.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that are located at the very back of your mouth. Most adults will have four wisdom teeth, and they are typically the last teeth to come in. Wisdom teeth removals are needed when the teeth don’t have space to grow and become impacted. While not all wisdom teeth that grow in will cause problems, the procedure is widely used in dentistry. An impacted wisdom tooth is relatively common and generally causes severe pain. It’s also typical for gums to become inflamed when the teeth are overcrowded. It can quickly lead to an infection and eventually tooth loss when left untreated. Dental problems like TMD can also occur due to an impacted wisdom tooth. By having it removed, dentists can help relieve a patient from their immediate TMD pain and prevent the issue from escalating into anything serious.

Is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?

Wisdom teeth extractions are generally done under a local anesthetic, making it a pain-free and positive experience as the treated area will be numbed. If the teeth aren’t easily accessible, an incision in the gums will be made, and the tooth will be broken into pieces which can help the dentist remove it easier. After the procedure, we will prescribe pain medication to help patients manage any pain. Recovery times will vary, but patients should expect a full recovery within a week following the procedure. During this recovery phase, the dentist will recommend that the patient sticks to a softer diet to prevent the wound from bleeding and allow for better healing.

If you need a wisdom tooth extraction in Houston, TX, come to SND Family Dental. Our dentists are highly experienced at removing wisdom teeth and can ensure a pain-free experience. Feel free to schedule an appointment if you ever need wisdom tooth removal.

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