Same Day Teeth & Dentures in Central Northwest, Houston TX

Same Day Dentures: Dentures Made to Give You a Full Smile

Same-day dentures are generally recommended for patients that want a full smile and functionality after multiple tooth extractions. They’re regarded as one of the best temporary teeth as they restore your bite and give you the confidence to go through your day. Same-day dentures are a great option to consider as they can help patients with speech impairments that may come with missing teeth. They also help them chew better.

Same Day Teeth: A Quality Smile When You Need It

Same-day teeth are an excellent option to consider if you’re in a rush and need a new smile fast. As the name suggests, same-day teeth can be completed within a day. It replaces missing teeth and is an excellent alternative to dentures. The procedure utilizes dental implants, which support temporary teeth until the mouth fully heals, and we can fix new permanent teeth. Same-day teeth are great for fixing a smile and restoring functionality to a person’s mouth. The results look natural, and the procedure will take minimal time to complete.

SND Snap-On Denture Workflow

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