Extractions in Central Northwest, Houston, TX

When searching for a dentist in Houston, TX for tooth extraction diagnostics and procedures, our dentists at SND Family Dental are here to provide the thorough care you and your family deserve. As a team of comprehensive dentists near you, our doctors have performed countess tooth extractions for conditions such as tooth decay, over-crowded teeth, wisdom teeth removal, and more. Plus, our dentists are committed to providing gentle yet thorough care during every procedure performed in our comfortable Houston, TX dental clinic. We even provide sedation dentistry if you are a patient who experiences dental anxiety.

Dental Extraction Treatment Plan

Our dentists at SND Family Dental design customized treatment plans for each patient based on their individual needs for any procedure. Our dentists in Houston, TX know that every patient is unique in their dentistry needs, including extractions. For some patients, they might need a simple extraction to remove a tooth that creates an over-crowded condition in their mouth in advance of aligner therapy. In contrast, others may need a surgical tooth extraction to remove wisdom teeth or teeth that have broken below the gum line. If you’d like to learn about your treatment plan for extraction, our dentists at SND Family Dental invite you to make an appointment today.

Advanced Equipment and Technology

In addition to performing a broad suite of services in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, our dentists in Houston, TX are committed to utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology during every phase of the patient experience. This commitment means that patients can benefit from technology and equipment that is more precise and less invasive than what dentistry was a decade or two ago. We know that many patients experience dental anxiety, but our use of advanced equipment and technology along with sedation dentistry ensures patient comfort without sacrificing procedure efficacy.

Save Your Smile

Another one of the over-arching goals at SND Family Dental is to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible whenever treatment is possible. When you visit us for your extraction consultation, we’ll make sure you know about options to save your tooth before any extraction is performed. Please call our dental care team now to learn more.

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