Dental Sealants in Central Northwest, Houston, TX

You may have heard other parents talking about the benefits of dental sealants in their children’s oral health but still have questions about the treatment for your little one. As a team of comprehensive dentists near you, the doctors at SND Family Dental are here to provide you with the information that may help answer some of those questions. Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Please call us now to speak to someone from our dental care team.

Most Often Asked Questions About Dental Sealants

Is it painful to get dental sealants? They are not painful at all! In practice, dental sealants from our dentists in Houston, TX are among the gentlest dental procedures available.

What is the primary benefit of dental sealants? In short, professional dental sealants provide additional protection to teeth vulnerable to decay.

Can’t I use over-the-counter (OTC) sealant products? While over-the-counter sealants are available for purchase, there are two primary differences in OTC versus medical-grade. The first is the efficacy of the protection in off-the-shelf products versus medical-grade sealants. When you choose professional dental sealants from a dentist near you, you have the comfort and assurance that the sealant being applied is not only the safest and strongest available but that it’s applied with precision detail for performance and durability.

Are dental sealants a cost-effective option? Yes! Because one treatment can protect against cavities for up to 10 years, many patients consider dental sealants a great way to protect themselves against the future costs of cavity treatment.

Who are the best candidates for dental sealants? Treatment is most commonly performed for children and teenagers; however, the added protection against cavities makes the treatment desirable for all ages seeking added protection.

What is the timing for dental sealants from SND Family Dental? Treatment can be completed in one appointment; however, teeth need to be free of cavities or decay before receiving dental sealants.

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How do dental sealants work?

To maintain the effectiveness of sealants, it's important to practice good oral hygiene habits. It includes brushing your teeth for atleast two minutes twice daily, flossing daily, and attending regular check-ups at SND Family Dental.

Can dental sealants be reapplied if they wear off?

Yes, at SND Dental in Houston, TX, the doctors can reapply sealants if they wear off over time. This can typically be done during a routine dental visit to maintain the protective benefits for your teeth.

Can dental or tooth sealants be applied to baby teeth?

At SND Family Dental, sealants are applied to baby teeth if they have deeper grooves or pits that put them at risk for cavities. This preventive measure helps safeguard children's oral health from an early age

Can dental sealants be applied to all the teeth?

Dental sealants are specifically placed on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. These teeth have natural grooves and pits that make them susceptible to cavities, making sealants a beneficial preventive treatment at SND Family Dental.

How do I care for my teeth with sealants?

To maintain the effectiveness of sealants, it's important to practice good oral hygiene habits. Make sure to brush your for two minutes teeth twice a day, floss every day, & keep up with regular check-ups at SND Family Dental.

Do I still need to brush and floss if I have sealants?

Yes, maintaining regular brushing and flossing habits remains essential, even if you have dental sealants. These practices help ensure overall oral health by preventing plaque buildup & maintaining the health of your gums and remaining tooth surfaces.

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