Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Fillings

Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Dental Fillings

January 1, 2023

Getting dental fillings inserted in your teeth is a common dental procedure at the dentist’s office. The fillings are used to fill the holes in the teeth created by tooth decay or cavities. The commonly used fillings are composite fillings. This helps protect your teeth that are damaged by cavities or tooth decay. Once your teeth are filled up, you won’t feel any more discomfort or pain caused by cavities.

After you get your cavity filled, ensure you take care of the fillings to ensure they last for a long time. Also, there will be precautions after you get tooth fillings. Also, you will get several benefits after receiving your dental fillings in central Northwest Houston, TX.

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings help restore, protect and repair damaged teeth. Fillings from our dental clinic in Central North West protect against future harm and the risk of infection or discomfort by preventing tooth sensitivity. This is a good way to preserve your natural teeth and maintain them strong and healthy.

Amalgam, glass ionomer cement, gold, composite resin, and porcelain are some of the few materials that are used to create dental fillings. The restoration you receive from your dentist is based on the cavity size and the aesthetic improvement you want after treatment.

Some people believe one material is better than the other, but each material has advantages and disadvantages depending on the person’s dental needs.

How are Dental Fillings Good for You?

There are several benefits that you get after having your teeth filled. They include:

Fillings Prevent the Growth of Cavities

Your dentist near you cleans out the decaying parts of your tooth when you get a dental filling. The dentist then puts the filling in the cavity, which helps seal the hole. The filling helps shield the nerve receptors in the denting to prevent it from being exposed to food or drink temperatures. It also prevents it from being exposed to, acid produced by bacteria in our mouths.

Fillings Enhance the Strength of Natural Tooth

Composite fillings help strengthen your teeth. The fillings will give you support rather than the cavity hollowing you out. In addition, dental fillings are temporary, so your teeth won’t be damaged during the process.

Fillings Enhance the Strength of Broken Teeth

Dental fillings are used to mend a fractured tooth. As people age, their teeth weaken, making them prone to fractures and cracks. For this reason, a composite filling is frequently used. Also, one of your teeth can break or become fractured due to dental trauma from activities such as accidental or sports damage. The teeth can also be broken when one chews on hard things like hard candies and ice.

Dental Fillings Helps Improve the Appearance of your Tooth

White composite fillings are often used on teeth that her severely stained or discolored. Teeth become stained due to drinks such as red wine and coffee. Also, teeth grinding can cause your teeth to lose their natural color.

How to take Good Care of Dental Fillings

These are some of the tips on how to look after your dental fillings:

Be Careful When Brushing

Ensure you use a soft brush when you brush at all times. You should take more care when brushing in and around the dental feeling. The dental filling might feel tender one or two days after the process, particularly at the gum line. Therefore when you brush around the area and show, you do it slowly and softly.

Avoid Taking Hot and Chewy Foods

You will feel sensitivity when you take food just after your dental filling has been placed. You should avoid too hot foods and eat softer foods that are friendly to your dental feeling. When the anesthesia wears off, and you’re filling settles, you’ll be more comfortable chewing food.

Contact the Dentist

It’s always important that you keep in contact with our dentists at SND Family Dental. Ensure you follow up with the dentist after your appointment. In case of any unfilled cracks within the tooth and experience sensitivity after dental filling, consult your dentist immediately.

Avoid Sodas

You shouldn’t take sodas after a dental filling because it has excess sugar; instead, you should replace the soda with water to keep your deep clean and dental filling strong.

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